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ElBulli Restaurant Review

Date created: January 31, 2013


We made our reservations months in advance, as soon as reservations were accepted, hoping to get any date available in year 2005. We were lucky to get a table, as yearly up to one million people try to book a table – only 8.000 succeed – less then one percent. On the plane, we briefed ourselves with concepts and methods of chef Adrià's kitchen, s we have appreciated this to be a once in a life time experience, one of the things you read in magazines as "Things To Do Before You Die". Buried under stacks of printed-out articles we read about local Spanish cooking mirroring in Adrià's kitchen, him and his team searching for new break-throughs in cooking and presenting techniques, challenging taste concepts – maintaining his reputation as the best chef in the world.

Ferran Adrià arrived at El Bulli in 1983. At first he was imitating the French cuisine but had dramatically changed his approach after visiting a symposium in Nice in 1987. There, a young chef asked the famous Jacques Maximin, a leader of Nouvelle cuisine, "What is creativity in cooking?" The reply was that "Creativity means never imitating". This became a professional credo for Adrià who has a taken it as a rule in his laboratory.

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