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The contextual and exponential future of Facebook

The contextual and exponential future of Facebook
Date created: January 25, 2013

It's clear Facebook is also in the midst of a huge shift: one from web pages that have no contextual data to mobile and wearable computers where there is a huge amount of contextual data. My desktop computer doesn't let me use it in different contexts like driving, skiing, running, eating, or shopping at the local mall. My mobile phone does. Facebook is in the middle of being rebuilt for mobile users, and soon, wearable computer users and maybe automobile heads up display users. Oakley, for instance, just started selling ski goggles that have heads up displays in them.One thing I noticed, after having conversations with about seven of Facebook's execs, is that some seem to be ahead of the rest of the company in their thinking. Sam Lessin, who is director of product, talked to me about the exponential growth in identity information and the kinds of personalized, contextual, experiences that will enable in the future. Imagine walking into a bar you've never been into before and they say "hey, Robert Scoble, welcome, do you want your usual Oban whisky?" Or, imagine skiing at Squaw Valley and they will know that you are probably hungry, since every day you check into a lunch place by 1:30 p.m. and it's now 1:45 and you haven't eaten yet. "Hey, Mr. Scoble, are you hungry yet? Our sushi restaurant has a seat available after your next run." Then imagine that I can invite a friend to join me, all via our wearable computers, and I learn that that friend doesn't like Sushi "hey, you invited Mr. Smith to join you, but we know he doesn't like sushi, would you like to switch to our steak restaurant instead?" That is all very possible, and Lessin explains how that might work.

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